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The Spanish property market is looking positive going into 2014, according to the latest figures for the third quarter of this year which indicate that house prices in four Spanish regions are now on the up. 

The Balearics is looking particularly positive with a 4.4 per cent annual year-on-year growth, while Navarra (2.8 per cent), Extremadura (2.2 per cent) and Madrid (0.3 per cent) also looking up. 

Fri, 27/12/2013 - 10:50

Spanish property prices are now moving upwards in certain parts of the country, and the Balearics are leading the charge. Official figures for Q3 2013 show the islands saw 4.4 per cent price growth year-on-year, thanks in part to strong interest from overseas buyers. Indeed, foreign ownership in the Balearics has more than doubled in the past five years from 1,642 purchases by foreigners in 2008 to 3,571 in 2012.

Thu, 19/12/2013 - 16:43

Spanish property prices in prime locations could be nearing the bottom, painting a brighter picture for the next 12 months, according to Taylor Wimpey Espana. The firm claims that with the Ministry of Development reporting the lowest drop in values since 2010 in Q3 , quality homes in popular spots will soon see price falls cease. Indeed, properties are actually becoming more expensive already in several regions.

Mon, 16/12/2013 - 12:52

Spanish property has been on a rocky road in recent years but with 2014 just around the corner, investors will be looking to see whether the coming 12 months will be more of the same or if there are brighter times on the horizon. The Spanish Brick is confident that things will be looking up, however, and in 2013 there have been some positive signs. Indeed, the year has seen the purchasing power of overseas buyers confirmed, increasing 23 per cent in Q2 and 25 per cent in Q3 year-on-year. So will it be more of the same in 2014?

Mon, 16/12/2013 - 12:52